Planetary Evolution

We cannot solve our problems with the same level of thinking that created them.


QWE uses the Evolutionary Impact ProcessDevelopmental Escalator, and 10 Types of Capital to co-create projects and initiatives to resolve some of the world’s planetary level perils while evolving our individual and collective potential and global contribution in three areas for planetary sustainability:


Expansion of Global Consciousness

The world’s current operating state is largely Tactical-Achiever (Orange) and below. In this system, the primary focus is on maximizing short-term value for ME (me, my family, my organization, my shareholders), with little regard to the immediate and long-term needs of the larger WE (our community, our nation, our planet).

Given the larger scale planetary sustainability issues WE are facing (e.g. climate change, species extinction, extremist-fueled conflict), surviving together – or better yet, thriving together – requires the co-creation of a world where everyone’s basic human needs and ecological sustainability thresholds are met.

Expanding human potential and addressing our greatest perils requires us to create a tipping point from ME to WE level consciousness and behavior. This necessitates raising the consciousness of a sufficient number of people to WE consciousness, and creating a developmental escalator for every person on the planet to move along the consciousness continuum from ME to WE.

By 2050, every single person on the planet is born into and continually co-creates a world of evolving consciousness and contribution throughout their lifespan. In this world, each of us is passionately engaged in the spiritual journey of being fully human, identifying and living our purpose, and providing our unique contribution as Net Positive Contributors to Humanity and the Planet.

Structurally this requires parents, the education system, governments, and sustainable business to work together in an integrated fashion. Together, WE have co-created pathways (including culture and infrastructure) for all children born into this world to reach planetary-level consciousness and contribution.


Planetary Ecological Sustainability

Some pockets of humanity have recently Awakened to the urgency of global perils such as climate change, species extinction, deforestation, ocean degradation, and other “Deep Adaptation” issues brought to awareness by global scientists ( and other individual activists and groups.

A smaller, but still significant number of people are emotionally Activated by these perils, with much discussion and debate, among, e.g. “Deniers” (“there is no climate change”), “Alarm Sounders” (“catastrophic climate change is real and here now”), and “Reformers” (“the system needs to change”).

A still smaller number of people are Attracted to specific perils and taking incremental Action (“each of us needs to do our part in some small way”). Still fewer are taking larger Action as Heroic Leaders with their siloed teams on individual components (e.g. climate change but not species extinction), but the total effect is currently insignificant in the sense that the trajectory is still towards catastrophe rather than sustainability and long-term viability.

To improve the current state of the world, WE need to Evolve to Resolve these issues. The next required phase is Alignment across the siloed teams led by Heroic Leaders and peril themes followed by the Acceleration to a life-affirming positive feedback loop created by a tipping point of humanity crossing the line to co-creation of a sustainable and evolutionary planetary ecosystem.

By 2050, humanity has achieved a sustainable planet-wide ecosystem for itself and other species across the globe. As a first step, WE have shifted our mindset and perspective to realize the critical importance of co-creating a thriving planet for all. Together, WE have made the difficult short-term decisions, reductions, investments and innovations that have enabled us to stabilize the climate, oceans, forests and micro-habitats for humanity and other species. WE have targeted and achieved critically important and measurable KPIs in the 10 Types of Capital so WE are able to strategically plan for, measure and monitor ecological sustainability.


Healthcare, Well-being & Longevity

Current approaches to healthcare, and the costs associated with it, are not proportionally providing greater health and well-being outcomes for nations, communities or individuals. All current national healthcare delivery infrastructures and programs are sub-optimally focused on sick-care (“I’m broken, ‘please-fix-me’ doctor or healthcare system”) rather than healthcare, well-being and healthy longevity.

The short-term potential for eliminating or significantly reducing the major causes of naturally occurring morbidities and mortality in humans and animals, such as cancer, is quite promising. However, we must also address our overdependence on surgical and pharmacological interventions to address lifestyle diseases, and lack of access to preventive care and guidance (e.g. cardiovascular and metabolic syndrome, diabetes and obesity).

We also need to pay more attention to mental health, which has dramatically declined for an increasing number of people across the world and across all age ranges and income strata. This is evidenced in the growth of inability to cope with an increasingly complex environment, depression, and even suicide across the planet. Increasing care for mental well-being will increase the quality of life and level of happiness for millions worldwide, simultaneously reducing the negative impact on society and the economy.

In summary, shifting the focus away from sick-care toward well-being and longevity across every phase of life (i.e. birth to death) is urgently required.

By 2050 we have national Healthcare, Well-being and Longevity systems in almost all countries across the planet. These systems are focused on optimal physical, emotional, mental and spiritual (mindfulness, purposefulness) well-being and growth for every single person in their care. This includes:

  1. Physical health, infrastructure and guidance (e.g. food, water, sleep, exercise, shelter)
  2. Emotional health support and guidance (e.g. mental/emotional resilience and stability)
  3. Mental health support (e.g. dealing with mental health challenges as well as the pressure and anxiety of increasing complexity and speed of change)
  4. Mindfulness and Purposefulness (e.g. identifying one’s purpose and being a Net Positive Contributor to Humanity, mindful meditation, universe-centric awareness, non-dual awareness)

In addressing these perils and potential, people and organizations can be in one of three levels of contribution:

The value we create is greater than the damage we do, with the result that we leave people and the world better off due to our existence.

The value we create and the damage we do cancels out, with the result that we leave people and the world no better or worse than if we had not existed at all.

The damage we do is greater than the value we create, with the result that we leave people and the world worse off than if we had not existed at all.


To do our part as Net-Positive Contributors to Humanity and the Planet, QWE co-creates and leads Planetary Evolution Projects. Planetary Evolution Project Teams work on a larger scale than the consulting initiatives we do in and with companies, governments, educational organizations and non-profits. These Project Teams actively bring together and guide ecosystems of stakeholders to address key planetary perils and potential. Our current projects include:

Well-Being Ecosystem

In Asia-Pacific, QWE members began to dialogue in mid-2019 with leaders and experts in the healthcare industry and various forms of reputable non-Western medicine and practices.  

Together, we are beginning to transform fragmented national healthcare systems into an integrated global ecosystem of well-being. The purpose of the well-being ecosystem is for every person on the planet to be able to:

  • Monitor their physical, mental, emotional and spiritual well-being in real-time
  • Have access to a comprehensive, caring and affordable network and infrastructure of well-being professionals and facilities
  • Resolve medical issues and design health improvements to effectively cope with the well-being challenges and opportunities that arise for each of us and our family members
  • Live high-quality, healthy, evolving and joyful lives.

SDG Project Innovation Hub

In Japan, QWC members work with One Young World Japan (OYWJ) and multiple Multinational Corporations (MNCs) to create solutions to issues identified in the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

Next generation leaders pitch solutions to executives in their companies. The executives select projects based on the passion of the presenters and the likelihood for Creating Shared Value (CSV) rather than a Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)/volunteer outcome.

Intra-company and cross-organization teams of next generation leaders come together in the Global Leader Accelerator (GLA) program to identify communities in need in Asia and Africa, complete business plans, gather investment capital, and provide solutions that solve community problems while also generating sustainable enterprise value for the organizations involved.

The project teams co-create those solutions with communities they have identified as well as their governments, ecosystems of companies, and sustainability venture capitalists.

In the process, GLA members are coached to develop global perspective, strategic leadership, agile teamwork, innovative project management and ecosystem collaboration capabilities.

Learning for Life

Around the world, QWE members are partnering with schools, educators, and consultancies. Together we are mapping a developmental escalator of learning and education, training educators, and providing advanced learning opportunities for students of all ages through personalized learning journeys.

Learning journeys guide and support us at each stage of our development. Through our learning journey, we rediscover our passion, connect that passion to a purpose that solves core needs in the local and global community, and contribute to an ecosystem of people, resources and capital outcomes.

QWE’s process and the outcomes we co-create improve our lives and the lives of our families and teams, organizations and cities, industries and nations, and humanity and the planet.

Over the long-term, QWE is committed to co-creating a lifelong learning system with a learning journey for every person on the planet.

Would you like to co-create a project with us?

Steve Hardacre


Steve brings 25 years of healthcare leadership in the US and Asia (Japan, China and Hong Kong) and 10 years of executive consulting and coaching experience across multiple industries. Steve is active in both Asia and the US.

Steve helps organizations, teams and individuals evolve as leaders by linking their strategic readiness, innovation and agility to core purpose and values. He inspires clients to measure success in real-world contribution at the personal, professional, community and planetary levels.

Steve has a deep passion for learning, evolving and growing as a person every day. He has been studying/thinking/applying the principles of quantum physics to QWE’s work with teams and individuals to bring about new levels of resonant engagement across cultures and teams.