Quantum Consulting

What is

In quantum physics, a quantum leap is characterized by the discontinuous state change of an orbiting electron from one energy level to another. Quantum World Evolutions’s (QWE) proprietary Quantum Consulting process is designed to advance your organization through not one, but two quantum energy leaps from Tactical Achiever (Orange) to Strategic Catalyst (Green) to Transformational Co-Creator (Teal).

Who Should Engage in

For maximum impact, QWE partners with key decision-making influencers who share a big-picture commitment of advancing their organization’s evolutionary development, such as:

  • C-suite executives and executive teams
  • Vice Presidents, General Managers and Directors
  • Top government officials
  • Heads of non-profit organizations
  • Heads of academic and research organizations
 In working with these influencers, they:

Outcomes of

We help influencers, organizations and ecosystems evolve their consciousness, behavior, culture, infrastructure, performance outcomes, and Net Positive Contribution to Humanity and the Planet from:













Working with QWE, senior leadership teams co-create or up level their mission, vision, values and strategy (MVVS).  They align their MVVS with big-picture, long-term objectives and key results (OKRs) resulting in:

  • High client/customer connectedness and satisfaction that is people focused and technology enabled.
  • New “Blue Ocean” strategies for partnering and business development across industries and ecosystems, which are innovatively game-changing.
  • New organizational behaviors from the C-suite to individual employees, that are proactive, resilient and sustainable inside of a “Great Place to Work” culture that enables the organization to attract, develop and retain the best people in the world.

How can QWE support your evolution and contribution?

Steve Hardacre


Steve brings 25 years of healthcare leadership in the US and Asia (Japan, China and Hong Kong) and 10 years of executive consulting and coaching experience across multiple industries. Steve is active in both Asia and the US.

Steve helps organizations, teams and individuals evolve as leaders by linking their strategic readiness, innovation and agility to core purpose and values. He inspires clients to measure success in real-world contribution at the personal, professional, community and planetary levels.

Steve has a deep passion for learning, evolving and growing as a person every day. He has been studying/thinking/applying the principles of quantum physics to QWE’s work with teams and individuals to bring about new levels of resonant engagement across cultures and teams.