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Quantum Coaching is required for you and your organization to achieve your individual and collective aspirations and purpose, realize humanity’s greatest potential and resolve its greatest perils, and become Net Positive Contributors to Humanity and the Planet.

As more than a dozen exponentially disruptive technologies appear in the 2020s, Quantum Coaching allows us to achieve impactful outcomes that address the biggest perils and potential that individuals, organizations, industries, cities and nations are already experiencing. 

As the next evolution of seeing, feeling, being, relating and co-creating in the world, Quantum Coaching is for people who aspire to co-create massive net positive impact on their own lives, other people’s lives, and the planet. 

Five Engagement Areas of

Influencers such as C-Suite executives, political leaders and other key opinion leaders who are passionately purposeful use Quantum Coaching to evolve their teams, organizations, and communities of stakeholders. 

QWE coaches individual Influencers to evolve their organization and the net positive impact their organization has on its ecosystem of value exchange. This enables the Influencer to improve their strategic planning, communication, team leadership, and align their organization or business unit with the strategic direction of their value chain. 

Influencers who wish to further expand their influence, networks, capabilities, and net positive impact on their organizations and stakeholder ecosystems gather to support each other in Circles of Influencers. 

QWE establishes and coaches these Circles. Circles gather regularly (e.g. monthly) to present their highest impact projects, coach each other, receive feedback, and partner on mutually beneficial projects. QWE Coaches connect Circles to additional resources and networks, and provide Quantum Coaching tools and guidance. 

Organizations that wish to utilize exponentially disruptive technologies, achieve their aspirations and purpose, realize humanity’s greatest potential and resolve its greatest perils, and become Net Positive Contributors to Humanity and the Planetneed to establish a Coaching Culture and Infrastructure.

QWE sets up Coaching Cultures and Infrastructures in organizations and across ecosystems of organizations. This enables the organization or ecosystem to improve strategic alignment, communication, employee engagement, trust, execution, performance, and career development, as well as their net positive impact on humanity and the planet. 

C-Suite executives, top government officials and heads of non-profits and academic institutions who aspire to co-create large-scale solutions to realize humanity’s greatest potential and resolve its greatest perils, join together in Sustainability Leadership Circles (SLCs). 

QWE establishes and coaches themed SLCs of these high impact / high contribution Influencers. SLCs work in projects to address planet-level perils and potential.

Coaches who seek to evolve their coaching influence to increase the large-scale net-positive impact they have as change agents with individuals, organizations and industries, can evolve their capability through Quantum Coach Training.

QWE designs and delivers Quantum Coach Training to develop coaches along the developmental continuum from Tactical Achiever (Orange) to Transformational Co-creator (Teal). For change agents who want to create net positive impact for cities, industries and the planet, QWE can also provide development to stages beyond Transformational Co-creator.

How is Unique?

Quantum Coaching is a method of operating in the WE-space of deep connectedness and interrelatedness with each other, our communities and the planet. It enables each of us to live and work together with passion, purpose and joy with greater collaboration, cooperation and co-creation.  It enables us to ask the right questions about how we can co-create quantum leaps in relationships, products, services, and solution platforms or ecosystems. 

It seems as though we must use sometimes one theory and sometimes the other, while at times we may use either. We are faced with a new kind of difficulty. We have two contradictory pictures of reality; separately neither of them fully explains the phenomena [we are experiencing], but together they do.


QWE applies both Newtonian and Quantum awareness, thinking, and practice in our approach to select the best and most relevant coaching methodology for each client from QWE’s Quantum Coaching Ecosystem.

Quantum Coaching includes and integrates:

including quantification, particle-wave duality, uncertainty, attraction, resonance, dissonance, entanglement, coherence, correspondence, and tunneling.

consisting of dozens of coaching models (processes) and coaching competencies (including ICF) integrated into a practical developmental sequence of coaching. Each coaching initiative is customized for the client to realize their mission and outcomes.

An expanded 15-S version of the Integral Framework, including the original quadrants, stages (levels), states, lines, types and shadow elements. The 15-S version is customized for evolving large-scale systemic change platforms, organizations, industries, cities and nations.

Quantum Coaching incorporates both the “wave” and “particle expressions” (all that arises from the non-dual/quantum field) into its methodology. Therefore, it includes in a “metaverse of coaching” all of the tried and proven coaching methods for people at various stages of development. For example:

  • How can I succeed in my personal and private life?
  • How can I lead others in my organization?
  • How can our organization be #1 in sales, profit, market share, reputation, etc?
  • How can I be most authentically myself?
  • How can I best understand and support others in my community?
  • How can our organization best contribute to our stakeholders and the planet?
  • Narrative Coaching
  • 8-STEP
  • Coaches Training Institute (CTI)  / Co-Active Coaching
  • Center for Creative Leadership (CCL) Model
  • What purpose does the universe have for me? 
  • How can I best contribute to the ecosystems in which I engage?
  • How can we unify as ecosystems of organizations to co-create new kinds of value and solve the world’s greatest challenges?​
  • Developmental Coaching
  • Integral Coaching Canada Model

Select Your

Hire a Quantum Coach
Join an Influencer Circle
Build a Coaching Culture and Infrastructure
Join a Planet Coaching Sustainability Leadership Circle
Invest in Quantum Coach Training

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Steve Hardacre


Steve brings 25 years of healthcare leadership in the US and Asia (Japan, China and Hong Kong) and 10 years of executive consulting and coaching experience across multiple industries. Steve is active in both Asia and the US.

Steve helps organizations, teams and individuals evolve as leaders by linking their strategic readiness, innovation and agility to core purpose and values. He inspires clients to measure success in real-world contribution at the personal, professional, community and planetary levels.

Steve has a deep passion for learning, evolving and growing as a person every day. He has been studying/thinking/applying the principles of quantum physics to QWE’s work with teams and individuals to bring about new levels of resonant engagement across cultures and teams.