About QWE

Quantum World Evolution (QWE) is an ecosystem of seasoned co-creators from around the world who use Consulting, Coaching and Projects to realize humanity’s greatest potential and resolve its greatest perils. Our global level scope commitment, coupled with our real-world capability, sets us apart from most consulting and coaching companies who are primarily problem-solving in search of higher cost-effective levels of performance and bigger goal achievement.

QWE has the passionate people, design principles, processes, methods and tools to enable organizations to evolve from Tactical Achiever (Orange) to Strategic Catalyst (Green) to Transformational Co-creator (Teal) and beyond. 

We use a pragmatic, timely, real-world, and passion-fueled process that applies five sophisticated bodies of knowledge that evolve you, your organization, and your ecosystem:


The Quantum Consulting Ecosystem

An integrated and sequenced developmental escalator of dozens of consulting frameworks and processes with over 100 tools. These tools are designed to develop people stage by stage. It allows us to micro-design a practical, tailor-made process for each client to realize their purpose and desired outcomes.


Quantum Physics Principles

These principles include quantification, particle-wave duality, uncertainty, attraction, resonance, dissonance, entanglement, coherence, correspondence, radical novelty and tunneling. 


The Integral Framework

An expanded 15-S version of the Integral Framework, including the original quadrants, stages (levels), states, lines, types and shadow elements. The 15-S version is customized for evolving large-scale systemic change platforms, organizations, industries, cities and nations.


The Quantum Coaching Ecosystem

The ecosystem consists of dozens of coaching models (processes) and coaching competencies (including ICFintegrated into a practical developmental sequence of coaching. Each coaching initiative is customized for the client to realize their mission and outcomes.


10 Types of Capital

A measurement, monitoring and evaluation system, developed by our partners at Meta-Integralthat allows us to define the types of investment required and outcomes created by each project and organization.

Evolutionary Impact

Using these applied bodies of knowledge, QWE quantifies the evolutionary impact that a person, project team, organization or ecosystem of organizations have across a 6-step process:

Wake up to the needs of the planet and your stakeholders. 

Emotionally engage with the people, issues, needs and opportunities to activate the passion required to co-create your desired level of contribution and change.

Focus your energy on the people, issues, needs and opportunities that most engage and energise you, and gather the people and resources required to make a difference.

Take action to create the contribution and change that you are most passionate about.

Align with other people and teams into ecosystems that share your purpose and passion to massify impact and the contribution and change you co-create.

Access the most evolutionarily advanced tools and processes to accelerate the power and net-positive contribution and change that your ecosystem provides to your stakeholders across the planet.


Throughout all of the work we do, our principles guide us in engaging with our partners, to enjoy growing together and co-creating the kind of world we want to live in – and the kind of world we want to leave for our children. These principles are:

To be our best selves and co-create the contribution and change in the world that will fulfill our purpose, we learn to empathize with the people and animals with whom we share this planet.

To contribute and thrive in this new era of rapid change, we learn to evolve our thinking and being from the Newtonian paradigm to the Quantum paradigm through the Developmental Escalator that allows us to evolve from Tactical Achiever to Strategic Catalyst to Transformational Co-creator.

To create the contribution and change we want to make in the world and in our lives, we learn to harness the power of full engagement of all our people as individuals and as a collectiveinterconnected high-performing and high-contributing team.

To draw on the energy required to create the contribution and change we want to make in the world and in our lives, we tap into the quantum energy field that connects everyone and everything on the planet.

To free us all from outdated structures, perspectives and habits, we emancipate ourselves by practicing the process of dissolving and co-creating new structures, perspectives and habits that allow us to thrive.

To enjoy engaging with people in the process of evolution and emancipation by bringing conscious awareness, gratitude and a sense of humor to the work we do.

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Steve Hardacre


Steve brings 25 years of healthcare leadership in the US and Asia (Japan, China and Hong Kong) and 10 years of executive consulting and coaching experience across multiple industries. Steve is active in both Asia and the US.

Steve helps organizations, teams and individuals evolve as leaders by linking their strategic readiness, innovation and agility to core purpose and values. He inspires clients to measure success in real-world contribution at the personal, professional, community and planetary levels.

Steve has a deep passion for learning, evolving and growing as a person every day. He has been studying/thinking/applying the principles of quantum physics to QWE’s work with teams and individuals to bring about new levels of resonant engagement across cultures and teams.