Quantum World Evolution

Our mission at Quantum World Evolution (QWE) [pronounced kwee] is to realize humanity’s greatest potential and resolve its greatest perils. We do this by evolving the stages of consciousness and behavior in individuals, teams and organizations to become Net Positive Contributors to Humanity and the Planet, while achieving their individual and collective aspirations and purpose.

Our mission flows from our quantum-based perspective that we are all individual and collective entities within a deeply interconnected, constantly evolving global (universal) ecosystem. As we move into the 2020s, we together have the opportunity/imperative to:

Resolve our greatest perils such as hunger, climate change, inadequate health and education, social disruption from poor integration of AI, inequity, species extinction, lack of water and homelessness

Realize our individual and collective potentials and come together at a higher state of consciousness and coherence by evolving and growing every day

Raise the energy frequencies of individual and collective consciousness from a quantum physics perspective to increase family, organization, city, national and planetary resonance, coherence, sustainability and prosperity

Co-create a thriving future over the coming decades: 2020-2050 by dynamically balancing and evolving social equity, economic growth and planetary sustainability

To evolve your individual and your organization’s consciousness, behaviour, performance outcomes, and Net Positive Contribution to Humanity and the PlanetQWE guides you, your leaders and your organization through the developmental process from Tactical Achiever (Orange) to Strategic Catalyst (Green) to Transformational Co-Creator (Teal) using our proprietary Developmental Escalator

Please roll over the circles below to understand more about each of these developmental stages:

Tactical Achiever

Self-oriented, short-term focused, financial performance driven and goal-oriented. Produces win-lose results with linear processes, systems and structures.

Strategic Catalyst

Community-oriented, short + mid-term focused, relational, creating quadruple-bottom line (people, planet, purpose & prosperity) outcome. Enables sustainability based on mutual understanding and reciprocal influence.

Transformational Co-creator

Organization ecosystem-oriented, short + mid + long-term focused and integrated. Co-creates 10 capital-bottom line value and prosperity for all based on understanding and collectively meeting the needs of everyone in the ecosystem.

We repeatedly lose our best people

Our best people stay and grow together

The best people in the world line up to join us

We struggle to hit ever increasing sales and profit targets

We grow sustainably while contributing to our employees, stakeholders and the planet

We co-create prosperous opportunities and solutions to humanity’s most wicked problems and become an industry leader

We don’t innovate fast enough to be #1

Our people collaborate to create lucrative solutions for current and new customers

Our people work across industries to create cutting edge technologies, processes and solutions

We are losing market share and therefore profit

We build and lead markets working with customers to design new approaches, products and services

We co-create physical and virtual marketplaces where value is created and exchanged across the ecosystem

Our people are disengaged and don’t work well together

We build a culture of care, compassion and collaboration that purposefully engages our people and customers

We leverage our culture of contribution to create prosperous ecosystems across the planet

Regulations are killing us

We provide improvements to society, enabling us to partner with governments

We work with governments to design and deliver more effective regulations

Competitors steal our best customers

Our customers become our brand champions

Customers co-create solutions with us to meet evolving needs

To evolve your organization, your leaders, and yourself from Tactical Achiever (Orange) to Strategic Catalyst (Green) to Transformational Co-Creator (Teal) and beyond, please  Contact Us .

Would you like to accelerate your evolution?

Steve Hardacre


Steve brings 25 years of healthcare leadership in the US and Asia (Japan, China and Hong Kong) and 10 years of executive consulting and coaching experience across multiple industries. Steve is active in both Asia and the US.

Steve helps organizations, teams and individuals evolve as leaders by linking their strategic readiness, innovation and agility to core purpose and values. He inspires clients to measure success in real-world contribution at the personal, professional, community and planetary levels.

Steve has a deep passion for learning, evolving and growing as a person every day. He has been studying/thinking/applying the principles of quantum physics to QWE’s work with teams and individuals to bring about new levels of resonant engagement across cultures and teams.